Schaffhausen – Switzerland

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Schaffhausen and Dobrich have had a longstanding partnership in both healthcare and environment protection. In 1991, the two towns signed an agreement for interhospital partnership. Within its framework, Schaffhausen has been providing assistance, know-how and sponsorship to the hospital in Dobrich.

Thanks to the Bulgarian-Swiss Pro Zoo foundation, Nature and Animal Protection Centre opened in Dobrich a couple of years ago.


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The good practices between the Dobrich Zoo and Schaffhausen continue

A project was completed at the Center for Nature and Animal Protection in Dobrich, funded by ProZoo-Dobrich from the Swiss city of Schaffhausen. ProZoo-Dobrich continues to support and help improve the Center's infrastructure and activities. With the donation of CHF 15,000, infrastructure changes have been made that have impressed Schaffhausen's partners. Thanks to the successful management of the funds from the Zoo management, 750 meters of the European buffalo fence and the rare breed of Przewalski horses have been restored, their house has been completely repaired and the level of the pavement has been raised in order to naturally wipe the hooves. The activities have been completed for a month and already some of the residents of the Center for Protection and Animals are enjoying new homes. During his visit to Swiss, the director of the Zoo Hristian Hristov met with the team of Pro Zoo and they visited the Zoo in Zurich together. The Dobrich zoo's benefactors from Switzerland will also provide transport for the European buffalo, which will arrive from Germany. Dobrich's friends from the Swiss city of Schaffhausen will continue to delight the people of the Dobrudzha city with funding for a new infrastructure project. It will be developed by the Zoo Director for the purpose of renovating other animals' homes.

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