Healthcare and Social Policy

Specialized institutions providing social services

Senior Citizens' Nursing Home (with a department for people who need medical care and skilled nursing)

The home has 42 twin and 19 single rooms. The rooms are fully furnished and each has WC and a balcony. The capacity of the home is 115 people.

Home Social Patronage

The establishment can provide social patronage to a maximum of 300 people. The right to benefit from the patronage have people over 60, or people whose working ability has decreased by over 70%.

Social Rehabilitation and Integration Centre

The centre provides facilities for computer courses, cooking, physical mobility and eyesight rehabilitation. Every month, forty-eight people use the services provided by the centre.

Centre for Children with Special Needs

The centre offers its services to 25 one- to five-year-old children who are suffering from diseases of the central and/or peripheral nervous system. It is well equipped and staffed. A whole team of specialists, including a logopedics specialist, a rehabilitator, a kinesitherapist, and other medical staff, work for the centre either full-time or part-time, providing services to children with special needs.

Child Day Care Centre for children with disabilities

It provides services to 46 children from the age of 3 to 18, who have either physical or mental disabilities, diseases of the central and/or peripheral nervous system, and impaired mental development.

Home for Waifs and Orphans

The home has the following goals:

  • Providing safe environment, and access to healthcare and education; developing programmes for preparing 20 children for independent life;
  • Protecting the rights of the children, and creating an environment that will prevent the children from committing crime

Retired People's Clubs

Nine such clubs are operating in Dobrich Municipality.

Activity Social Assistant

Under an approved project, twenty-seven social assistants provide aid to 57 children and adults with 90% and over 90% decrease in their working ability.


Six crèches are operating in Dobrich. Their capacity totals 440 children from 1 to 3 years old.

Public Baby Food Kitchen

The well-equipped kitchen makes meals for 500 children up to the age of 3. For the mothers' convenience, the kitchen has opened six outlets throughout the town.

Preventive Information Centre

It operates as a municipal public council and advisory unit on the drug issues.

Municipal Youth Council on the Drug Issues and Consultancy Office

It operates in the framework of the local Committee for Struggle against Juvenile Delinquency.