Towns and villages
The Municipality of Dobrich has a special status - the territory of the municipality holds only the town of Dobrich with a population of 91030 people.
Transport system
The road and communication network provides access to all parts of the region and to other regions in Bulgaria. Rail provides convenient and cheap travel to the capital city, the Black Sea coast, and to some European countries.
Street network
The street network has been expanded according to the detailed urban development plans and the particulars of the terrain. A ring road regulates the direct and the outgoing traffic to Varna, Albena, Balchik, General Toshevo, Silistra, Shumen and Russe. The street network of the town (total length 165 km, of which 60 km main streets) takes the incoming and the internal traffic.
The municipal strategy provides that the household, utility and industrial sectors be supplied with gas under a project for gasification. The network of gas pipelines has been extended to 43,808 metres. Currently we are working on the gasification of the residential areas.

All municipal establishments from the educational, administrative, healthcare and social service sectors have already been covered by the gas supply network.
Dobrich has six offices for postal services. They cover the whole territory of the town thus meeting the needs of the community for such services.

The municipality of Dobrich is wired by two local landline telecommunication networks which operate four analogue and one digital exchanges.

Four mobile phone companies are operating in Dobrich. Mtel, Globul and Vivatel offer digital telephony.

The local radio-television station airs radio and TV programmes, cable TV channels and telephony.

An optical cable connects Dobrich with the towns of Varna and Silistra, which provides top quality landline, mobile and internet communications with the rest of the country and the world.
Power supply
The municipality of Dobrich is supplied with 20 kV of power by three substations - Dobrich (110/20 kV at 2x25 kVA), Favorit (110/20 kV at 2x40 kVA), and Nona (110/20 kV at 2x25 kVA). They are wired up by a 110 kV power line. The power circuit of Dobrich town is linked to the power circuit of Dobrich district by 110 kV power lines and substations located in Tervel, General Toshevo, Kavarna, Balchik, and Shabla.
Water supply and sewage
Water supply
Dobrich is supplied with water from drill wells and captation areas mainly located around the town. The water distribution network is obsolete, as it was laid as far back as 1956-1976. Its total length is 230 km.
Dobrich has a mixed type sewage system which carries away both waste and atmospheric water. Its total length is 195 km, and is mainly built up of concrete pipes. A collector in the lowest area of the town captures the water and carries it to the town's water treatment plant. The collector's diameter is Ô1200 - Ô2000, and its length is 7.7 km. The length of the branching sewers is 12 km. The residential areas of Riltsi and Izgrev (the latter housing mostly Roma people) do not have a sewage system.