Libraries and Amateur Art Centres


Dora Gabbe Regional Library

Dobrich 9300
No. 7, Nezavisimost street
Tel: +359 58 602 544;
                   603 057;
                   603 157;
                   602 371

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         Dora Gabbe Library opened in 1950. With its stock of 350,000 volumes, it is the biggest book depository in Dobrich district and the eighth biggest in the country. The library's automated information system has been built up since 1988. The Library also serves as a data bank, a major ethnographic and anthropological centre of South Dobrudzha, and a methodological centre of library science, bibliography and library software applications.

Yordan Yovkov Amateur Art Centre (Chitalishte Yordan Yovkov)

Dobrich 9300
25th September Boulevard
Tel: +359 58 604 288

Yordan Yovkov Amateur Art Centre aims at researching and preserving Bulgarian traditions, educating children, developing their talents, and popularizing democratic values.

The centre opened on 11th May, 1870.

It is operating three major establishments - library, amateur art clubs, and cultural events.

The library of the centre boasts some 170,000 items.

Humanitarian sciences and arts are a priority. The centre compiles books, periodicals, graphic and cartographic publications, slides, videos, records, audiocassettes, and CDs.

It operates four schools for children from 4 to 19 years of age:

  • 4-year course language school
  • Art school (painting, black and white drawing, sculpture, ceramics, iconography, artistic textile). The school regularly participates in international competitions.
  • Children's school of music (piano, flute, accordion, guitar). The syllabus includes music from various ages and genres. The young musicians regularly participate in international competitions.
  • Ballet dancing and sports dances

The centre is also involved in publishing. 

Probuda Amateur Art Centre (Chitalishte Probuda)

Dobrich 9300
Riltsi Quarter
No. 200, Dobrudzha Boulevard
Tel: +359 58 602 236

The centre opened in 1941. It operates a children's folk dance ensemble, authentic folklore ensemble, and women's folklore ensemble. The centre organizes a local table tennis championship. The library stocks 9,500 volumes.

Romano Drom Amateur Art Centre (Chitalishte Romano Drom)

Dobrich 9300
No. 7, Vasil Levski Street, 3rd floor
Tel: +359 58 604 660
Fax: +359 58 605 451


Founded in August 2002, the centre has set up a number of clubs - art, dance, music, theatre, and break-dance. So far, over 160 children have joined the activities.