The mayor is the head of the executive power in the municipality and is elected by the citizens for a 4-year tenure.

According to the Law on Local Government and Local Administration, the mayor is responsible for:

1. Managing and executing the activities of the municipal administration;
2. Coordinating the activities of specialized executive bodies;
3. Appointing and/or dismissing the deputy mayors, the heads of all offices subsidized by the municipal budget, the heads of departments and the employees of the municipal administration; imposing punishments in accordance with the law;
4. Maintaining public peace by issuing written orders to the heads of the local police departments;
5. Supervising the municipal budget;
6. Organizing the implementation of long-term programmes;
7. Organizing the execution of decisions made by the Municipal Council, and reporting progress to the Municipal Council twice a year.
8. Organizing the activities prescribed by the laws or by the President's or the government decrees.
9. Liaising with the political parties, public organizations or movements, as well as with other bodies of local self-government;
10. Managing the municipality in times of crisis;
11. Assigning and sanctioning urban development plans; approving changes in urban development plans for the territory of the municipality or parts of it; approving urban development plans in accordance with the Law on the Structure of Territory; organizing the execution of the plans;
12. Functioning as a civil status officer. The mayor can assign this function, by a written order, to other municipal officers;
13. Representing the municipality in court or in cases involving other physical or legal entities;
14. Providing organizational and/or logistic support to the Municipal Council, and participating in its meetings with the right to one deliberative vote;
15. Approving the regulations governing the municipal administration;
16. Presenting to the Municipal Council the administrative acts and all contracts, amendments and annexes made under the acts passed by the Council, not later than three days after they have been passed or signed.

To exercise his/her rights, the mayor issues orders. In the special cases, provided for by the laws, the mayor executes functions assigned to him/her by the government.